You have likely found this site as a now broken link to the old was a community fan and blog site in the pre-blog days. While it once had a vibrant community, web 2.0 progressed too fast and swept this site under foot as being outdated. These days, it primarily serves as a personal server for Alex Ghosh, one day to once again present his internet aspect to the world.

I am a bit protective of privacy over the internet, both my personal privacy and that of any business I work with. As such, if you need to reach me, I can only assume you already have my contact information or you would not have found this.

If not, you can also reach me at my name at-sign this domain dot its TLD. That's my first and last name, combined together in both cases. Hopefully a human can parse that but an information parsing crawler can't, although heuristics these days are getting pretty clever.


Update: Summer 2013

You may now also have found this site by going to "". I am an active member of the cubesat development community, and was surprised to find this domain still available, so I registered it. I have a few good ideas on how to use it, but if you are a fellow cubesat developer and have a productive collaboration idea for this domain name, I am willing to talk to you. Hopefully in the near future, I will make greater use of it than simply parking it at my server.